Top 10 Tweaks For iOS 11 With Download Links - Part III

This is the part III of top 10 tweaks for iOS 11 using Electra Jailbreak.These tweaks were tested on Electra Jailbreak beta 9. Part I of the tweaks can be found here and Part II of the tweaks can be found here

Video of tweaks in action


  1. MitsuhaXI - Jell-O wave equalizer effect for Apple Music and Spotify. This adds cool wave animation. Color and other settings can be changed.

  2. Fluidity - Fluidity is a new tweak that allows older devices to experience iPhone X gestures and UI. Compatible with many iPhone X tweaks. and home screen. Can also be set over wallpaper. No noticeable effect on battery life.

  3. Pikabu - Pikabu replaces your traditional volume hud with minimial and subtle bar at the top. It shows on status bar and does no disturb you while using other apps.

  4. RealCC - If you choose to disable WiFi and Bluetooth from the CC, it will now be actually disabled. Previously if you disabled it,they would disconnects you from any WiFi or Bluetooth you were on and will reconnect by itself later on.

  5. FrontPage - Front page changes the look of your device to make it feel one page with a sleek design.. Makes your device more cleaner,more themes can be added to change the took. Different widgets can also be addeed.

  6. DarkKeyboard - Enables the Dark Keyboard across the entire system.

  7. Manila - 3D Touch folders to see App Launch Actions.

  8. NougatFolder - Essentially, this tweak transforms your Home screen’s folder icons to look more like those on an Android Nougat.

  9. Twig - Twig adds a cool weather update widget on your lock screen besides the normal clock. It looks simple and sweet, yet highly functional.

  10. 3DNoDiv10 - This tweak as its name suggests is related to the 3D touch feature available on iPhone starting from the iPhone 6S. What it does is it removes all the lines from a particular 3D touch menu.

Install Tweaks using Electra Jailbreak