Top 10 Tweaks For iOS 11 with Download Links - Part II

This is the part II of top 10 tweaks for iOS 11 using Electra Jailbreak.These tweaks were tested on Electra Jailbreak beta 9. Part I of the tweaks can be found here

Video of tweaks in action


  1. Fingal - Cool App Icon Animation for your Homescreen. Fingal brings your app icons to life. Works best with shakeitplus theme,which is included.

  2. WeatherLock - Displays animated weather wallpaper on the lock screen and home screen. Can also be set over wallpaper. No noticeable effect on battery life.

  3. Vettr - Shows clock and battery level when phone is locked and charging(can aslo be set for not charging). Make sure you turn on screen after phone is locked for the clock screen to show.

  4. Date In Status Bar - Adds date in status bar with time.

  5. Zeppelin - Replaces Carrier Name With Batman, Superman, Pac-Man And More Logos!

  6. Alkaline - Theme the status bar battery indicator.

  7. Hide Labels - Makes your homescreen look cleaner.

  8. Aerial - Select from a wide variety of colours that suits iOS to personalize your status bar icons! It hosts an array of colors that you can choose for different components.

  9. SystemInfo - System Info adds a bunch of information about your device to your settings app’s ‘About’ section(Setting > General > About). It also makes it possible to save SHSH2 on-device, without you having to enter any information. Just swipe left on the ECID cell and it’ll give you the option.

  10. DockAlpha - Adjust the Dock Alpha to make a more transparent look for the Dock. Configure the alpha from the settings pane and no other options to enable.

Install Tweaks using Electra Jailbreak