What is Electra Jailbreak ?

Electra is a jailbreak. It’s semi-untethered, so you have to re-enable the jailbreak after every reboot.

Electra does have a substrate. Now, it’s not Cydia Substrate. It’s comex’s alternative, libsubstitute. What a lot of people don’t get is, it’s the same thing. And it’s actually even better than Cydia Substrate, because it’s open source. Cydia Substrate is closed source. On the other hand, substitute is open source, so anyone can improve that. That alone is a huge advantage. It also has a working “Cydia Substrate shim”. So the tweaks made for Cydia Substrate don’t need to be updated for substitute. They’ll work right away. So it’s everything that Cydia Substrate is, and even better. So please stop saying I’ll wait until Cydia Substrate is updated. If you want a Substrate, substitute is there.

Electra does use a jailbreakd. Lot of people get it wrong. Jailbreakd is the best you’ll get without a kpp/ktrr bypass. It’s essentially a privilege manager. Just like supersu. It’s daemon. It’s loaded on to launchd. So launchd manages that. So if it crashes, launchd will just reload it. It doesn’t cause any battery drains like most people think. It really does not. It also has an entitlement injector. So you don’t have to resign all the old binaries using ldid2 or jtool, ldid signed ones will work just fine. What I see is, people hate it just because saurik called it a “hacked up” solution and he said he’s got a better solution, just with some issues that need to be fixed. No one but saurik himself and that unknown hacker who he’s working with knows what it is. I’m also kinda interested in what he did, guess we’ll find out once he releases it. Either way, even if his technique manages to run those without a jailbreakd, jailbreakd is a good thing. Especially for developer use.

Electra itself doesn’t cause any extra battery drains or slowdowns. If you’re having those it’s most likely caused by the tweaks that you have installed, or the Anemone (The one that’s installed by the jailbreak). Anemone is an awesome theming engine. And it’s also pretty stable for the most part. But it seems to cause some battery drains and slowdowns for some people. If you’re one of those people that their device can’t get on well with Anemone, you can remove it. Because even if you have the themes in Anemone disabled, its hooks are still being loaded on to the SpringBoard and that code is running. You don’t have to manually find all the files created or installed by it. You can just go in to /bootstrap/Library/SBInject, and remove or add an extension like disabled to the Anemone dylibs and reboot or respring the device. The icon of it will still be there, but nothing will really be done by it. I was one of those people that had issues with it, so I did that, and now my device runs a lot better. That doesn’t mean Anemone is crap or something, it’s such an huge and complicated theming engine, it’s not that easy to manage all that code, CoolStar did an amazing job with it, but as I said above, as it’s such a complicated project, it has some issues. If you have tried removing Anemone, and it still continues, then it’s either your device’s problem or a tweak that you have installed. Try removing them and see how that goes.

Electra is completely uninstallable and it’s easy to do that. It installs most if not all the files to /bootstrap and creates a few symbolic links in the fs. And it even has a bash script in /bootstrap/unjailbreak.sh to remove all those installed files. So if a new jailbreak comes out like the one that saurik is talking about, you can still use that. You’re not stuck on Electra. Just ssh and run /bootstrap/unjailbreak.sh

Electra cannot bootloop your device. Unless you modify things yourself, it’s not even possible. All the files are installed to /bootstrap. Even if the bootstrapping gets failed or it gets corrupted, you can just reboot the device and run the app again. It re-installs those every time you run it.

Change your root and mobile user passwords. Right now. Electra spawns a ssh server on your device using dropbear. It’s listening on with port 22 and port 2222. Now, unless you change them, (root and mobile user passwords) this is an huge security issue. Anyone can just go ssh to your device and do anything they want, with root privileges. Even the apps installed on your device, they can access using the port 2222. Assuming you understand how critical and major that is, let’s talk about the fix. To change it, you gotta ssh in to the device. To do that, there’re a lot of apps in the App Store. I personally use Prompt 2, but not a lot of people will use that as it’s quite expensive. But that doesn’t really matter. There’re also free apps like iTerminal or Terminus that can do that. So get one of these, open them, and create a new connection. They’ll ask you a few things. The ip should be, the port should be 2222, the user should be root, and the password should be alpine. So enter those and then tap connect or whatever it says. Once you’re in, confirm that you’re root by typing whoami, it should say root. Once you’re in, run “passwd root”, it’ll now ask you the new password for the root, one thing to keep in mind, it should be <=8 characters, it can’t be more than that. If you enter more than that, it’ll just ignore it. It’ll ask you to confirm it by typing the password once again, so do that. And if it returns without any errors, your root user password is changed. Now you gotta change the mobile user password. It quite simple. The almost the same procedure. Just enter “passwd mobile” this time instead of “passwd root”. Now they’re all done, you can just type “exit” and get back to what you were doing. Even though this makes your device secure enough, you can still go a step further and open the app’s container and modify the dropbear.plist to launch the dropbear on and not, I did that myself, it works. But I’m not gonna explain that in this post.

If your device randomly resprings in to safe mode when like messing with the ui and you’re sure that it’s not your tweaks, then it’s probably iOS 11. iOS 11 itself is not that stable. Even the stock iOS 11 does crash randomly. Electra detects it and goes in to safe mode even though it’s not caused by itself or any tweaks. So please keep that in mind, and don’t spam the developers or create an issue on github every time your device does that.

If you’re having an issue, and you’re sure it’s not caused by your tweaks or themes or really just any modification that you have done to the device, explain the issue below, I will try to help and probably some other people. Try getting help from the jb discord. And if non of them works out, create an issue on github with your device info and the crash log if there’s any.

Electra should have the sandbox patches soon. Thanks to stek29, the github repository has them right now. CoolStar is probably doing some testing before compiling a new ipa and pushing it on the site. Sandbox patches provided by stek29 are not perfect though, the app needs to be opened up and then killed and you open it again and now the patches start to work (Not just Electra, any non-system app you may have). Development of Electra seems pretty active. So it’ll probably get fixed at some point. It’s still great and much appreciated.

As CoolStar said on his Twitter, Electra is still a beta. It’s not a release candidate just yet. It still has some major issues that need to be fixed. But those don’t really affect the stability. You can just install it to your device right now, your device will run just fine, the jailbreak will run just fine, and you’ll still be able to update the jailbreak as it gets improved.

I also see a lot of people here asking how to update the app when a new version is released, it’s just the matter of rebooting the device and dragging the new ipa to the Cydia Impactor… (You don’t even need to delete the app before installing the new one)

Originally written by Daily1Jb on Reddit

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