Guide for fixing Apple Battery Throttling

Apple is throttling the performance of older iPhones with degraded batteries, leading to resurgence of accusations that Apple is deliberately slowing down older iPhones that aren’t operating at peak battery performance.

Lithium-ion batteries degrade over time by nature, and there’s nothing Apple can do to halt the process, so it uses power management techniques to attempt to prolong the life of the iPhone and its battery. Apple isn’t denying that iPhones with older batteries can sometimes see slower performance, but power management is not a feature that’s been implemented to force users to upgrade by deliberately slowing devices. But some device with healthy device are facing perfomance drop.

Apple began throttling the CPU performance on the following models beginning from iOS 10.2.1 – iPhone 6/6 plus iPhone 6s/6s plus iPhone SE

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to disable the Battry Throttling of your iPhone.This enables you device to be as fast and perform well.However, it’s useless for those who use an iPhone 7/7+ because it doesn’t have throttling enabled on iOS 11.1.2 and below.


For this tutorial you will need Filza .You can watch this video to install filza. You should also have your device running iOS 11.x to 11.1.2

Disable Apple Battry Throttling

  1. Open Filza and go to the [Root] Disable Apple Battry Throttling Step One

  2. Navigate to System/Library/Watchdog/ThermalMonitor.bundle/[your device model].bundle (Use SystemGuard on App Store to find out your model. Eg: iPhone 6 is N61AP) Disable Apple Battry Throttling Step Two

  3. Open info.plist Disable Apple Battry Throttling Step Three

  4. Tap “Root” to expand the menu

  5. Find contextualClampParams and tap on “i” icon to the right of it Disable Apple Battry Throttling Step Five

  6. Delete lowParamsPeakPower Delete lowParamsSpeaker Delete lowParamsCPU Delete lowParamsGPU Disable Apple Battry Throttling Step Six

  7. It should now look like the image linked below, Restart your device and now the throttling of your device should be fixed! Disable Apple Battry Throttling Step Seven

  8. Yayy!


The perfomance this device nearly doubled after disabling the battery throttling. My device seems to run more smoothly. So I strongly recommend it. Here is geekbench test :


Perfomance Before Disabling Battery Throttling


Perfomance After Disabling Battery Throttling