Enable Portrait Lighting for iPhone 7 plus

With the release of iPhone X and iPhones 8 + Apple has released a new camera feature called Potrait Lighting. Portrait Lighting Mode uses depth to create a blurred background effect on shots and to create stunning lighting effects. But the newly added Portrait Mode lighting effects are exclusive to the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. In this post I’m going to show you how to enable it on iPhone 7 plus which also have dual camera.


You will need an iPhone 7 plus on iOS version 11.x to 11.1.2. We will jailbreak our device to enable this feature. You will also need Electra and Filza. Read this article to install Electra and Jailbreak your device. Watch this video to install filza.


  1. Download this zip through safari. When the download is complete you get options to open the zip,open the zip in Filza and tap the zip to extract it.
  2. Now open the folder portrait_lighting and you will see two files:
    • projectlighting.dylib
    • projectlighting.plist
  3. Tap and hold one file and slection menu will come. Select both files and press move at bottom navigation.

  4. Now go back till you see “/”. Then go to bootstrap/Library/SBInject

  5. Now paste the files there by presssing first button at bottom and select paste. electra_jailbreak_screenshot

    After copying bootstrap/Library/SBInject should look like this.

  6. Now you need to respring the device,which is basically just reloading the system with tweak. You can easily do that with Anemone app that is installed with Electra jailbreak. Just open it press preview and apply it. The device should now respring and the tweaks working.

If you have any problems please comment below.

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