Tweaks for Electra Jailbreak

Here are list tweaks that are working correctly with Electra Jailbreak. I’ll keep updating be sure to check back in a while or request theme in comments. I’ve extracted the deb and made zip of only required files so it will be easier for you.

Video of Tweaks In Action

Tweak list

  1. Cylinder - Sexy homescreen icon animations

  2. Barrel - This tweak adds graphical effects to your icon pages as you scroll through the homescreen

  3. Alkaline - Theme status bar battery indicator

  4. Zeppelin - Zeppelin Cydia Tweak Replaces Carrier Name With Batman, Superman, Pac-Man And More Logos!

  5. Noctis XI Lite - Dark Mode

  6. IconDock+ - Add more icons to dock

  7. Fluid Enabler - iPhone X UI on Older devices

  8. Eclipse X - Dark Mode (Dev Preview)

  9. Movable 9 - rearrange status bar icons

  10. Date in Status Bar - Show date on status bar

  11. Portrait Lighting - Enable portrait lighting on older devices

  12. Fluidity Beta - iPhone X UI on older devices

  13. FiveIconDock - Add upto five apps to the dock

  14. App Color Badges - Colorizes app badges based on the color of the app icon

  15. Bounce Notify 8 - Bounce dock icons with pending notifications. Comment below for any tweaks you want.

  16. Blurry Launch 2 - BlurryLaunch adds a smooth blur effect to your device when you launch an app. Configurable from the settings app.supports a few different ‘Blur Themes’.

  17. Cask - It brings slick animations to iOS table views.Animations can be changed from the settings app.

  18. ByeByeHUD - Gets rid of the clunky stock volume HUD.Choose between: The Minimal View, the Bar View or the Slider View.

  19. betterFiveColumnHomescreen - 5 columns of apps on your springboard, rather than the default 4

  20. WallMart - Change wallpaper every time you lock your device or with an time interval.Shuffle the wallpapers or go trough it in order.Wallmart also features an option to blur the wallpaper.

  21. RomanPassCode - Changes your numeral keypad to roman keypad on lockscreen.

  22. Cercube for YouTube - Working on Electra Jailbreak

  23. Fingal - Cool App Icon Animation for your Homescreen. Fingal brings your app icons to life. Works best with shakeitplus theme,which is included.

  24. WeatherLock - Displays animated weather wallpaper on the lock screen and home screen. Can also be set over wallpaper. No noticeable effect on battery life.

  25. Vettr - Shows clock and battery level when phone is locked and charging(can aslo be set for not charging). Make sure you turn on screen after phone is locked for the clock screen to show.

  26. Hide Labels - Makes your homescreen look cleaner.

  27. Aerial - Select from a wide variety of colours that suits iOS to personalize your status bar icons! It hosts an array of colors that you can choose for different components.

  28. SystemInfo - System Info adds a bunch of information about your device to your settings app’s ‘About’ section(Setting > General > About). It also makes it possible to save SHSH2 on-device, without you having to enter any information. Just swipe left on the ECID cell and it’ll give you the option.

  29. DockAlpha - Adjust the Dock Alpha to make a more transparent look for the Dock. Configure the alpha from the settings pane and no other options to enable.

  30. Aporeo - Aporeo installed into a power source it will automatically enable Low Power Mode any your iPhone will charge faster. As soon as you unplug your iPhone Low Power Mode will be disabled.

  31. CallRecorder2 - AudioRecorder 2 brings impressive phone call recording and system audio recording to iOS.

  32. ForceInPicture - Picture in Picture mode on iPhones. Complete other tasks while simultaneously watching video.

  33. Circuit Breaker -[Circuit ⚡️ Breaker v1.0: An iOS 11 Electra jailbreak management utility app. Quickly enable and disable tweaks and tweak settings for troubleshooting, rebuild uicache, respring, backup tweaks & more!

  34. Badge Customizer - Badge Customizer lets you customize the badges on your iOS device in any way that you want. You can change the color of the badges, size and position.

  35. CCMusicArtwork - Album Artwork Behind the Music Module in the iOS 11 Control Center

  36. FingerTouch - This tweak will let you use your Touch ID sensor as a gesture controller. It allows a range of gestures to be used for performing custom actions

  37. OLEDification - OLEDification emulates OLED-style notifications on your jailbroken iPhone.The Lock screen interface disappears when you receive notifications. Instead, you’re shown an immersive full-screen experience in which the background is dark, and the notification content itself makes up the only color you see on your display.

  38. SpringPlus - An all round modification for your iDevice. It is one of the most popular utility tweaks because of its unlimited customization options.

  39. MusicDockX

  40. Iconizer - Iconizer is an all-in-one tweak which gives you full control over the springboard icons. With Iconizer it is possible to customize your springboard icons appearance without the need to modify any system files. Personalize your device even more by customizing individually every little detail of icons, icon images and even the icon labels.

  41. LockGlyphX - Adds the Apple Pay completed payment animation to the lock screen, and animates when unlocking the device with Touch ID. Can be further configured from settings.

  42. CSX - CSX brings iOS 10 style control center to iOS 11

  43. TranslucentMessages - TranslucentMessages makes the iOS 10 Messages app translucent with stunning blur effects. TranslucentMessages is fully compatible with DarkMessages.

  44. Pikabu Premium - Pikabu replaces your traditional volume hud with minimial and subtle bar at the top. Pikabu Premium will give you options to set pikabu’s position, behaviour, and appearence with up to 20 different colors for you to choose from, over 400 different combination of colors.

  45. YouTubed - This tweak will allow you to play the audio of a video while the app isn’t in the foreground using the YouTube.app. Free alternative to ProTube or YourTube for anyone who isn’t interested in downloading videos.

  46. ChargePulse - Make your iPhone’s battery icon pulse when charging

  47. DoubleTapToLock - DoubleTapToLock is a new tweak that does exactly what the name suggests.Once you install this tweak, you can simply double tap on your homescreen or the lockscreen to put your device to sleep.

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