Install Tweaks using Electra Jailbreak

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to install Jailbreak tweaks using Electra Jailbreak Toolkit . Electra is a tool that installs Themes and Tweaks in iOS 11.x to 11.1.2. Please use it at your own risk as it is not intended for genera users.


For this tutorial you will need Electra Jailbreak Toolkit,Filza and iZip. The link to install Electra is here.iZip can be downloaded from App store here’s the link. You can watch this video to install filza.


First you need to jailbreak your device using Electra. Once you install Electra open Electra and press jailbreak.


Tweak Installation

  1. First download the tweak you want to install.Only certains tweaks are compatible with Electra Jailbreak list of avaliable tweaks with their download links can be found here.
  2. Download the link through safari. When the download is complete you get options to open the zip,open the zip in iZip app and extract the file.
  3. Now open Filza and select multitasking from bottom left. Wait for 4 seconds and choose Applications from bottom left.Then select iZip and go to Documents. You will see the tweak folder you have just extracted.Inside the tweak folder you can see folders that look like
    • Folder With tweak Name
    • MobileSubstrate
    • PreferenceBundles
    • PreferenceLoader

Depending upon the tweak all may not be present there.

  1. Now copy the
    • Folder with Tweak Name to Library/
    • Contents of MobileSubstrate (if there is folder inside MobileSubstrate copy it’s content) to bootstrap/Libray/SBinject/. You need to copy the files one by one.
    • Contents of PrefrenceBundles to bootstrap/Library/PreferenceBundles
    • Contents of PrefrenceLoader to bootstrap/Library/PreferenceLoader
  2. Suppose if we are useing Cylinder Tweak it contains MobileSubstrate, PreferenceBundles, PreferenceLoader and Cylider folder. It should look like this


Note: You should also copy cylinder folder to Library/ Not bootstrap/library

  1. Now the tweak should be installed.See setting of tweak in settings and enable it.Some tweak do not have settings.
  2. Now you need to respring the device,which is basically just reloading the system with tweak. You can easily do that with Anemone app that is installed with electra jailbreak. Just open it press preview and apply it. The device should now respring and the tweaks working.

Video Tutorial